Acceptance is a beautiful thing. You stop trashing around trying to change what is. You no longer have the need to wear different masks to accommodate others, you learn self-respect. When your feelings are running wild, you let them, no matter how erratic, nonsensical, and messy they appear to be. You stop judging yourself when you don’t have the answer, when you fall short and don’t meet your expectations. You don’t attempt to fix, you let time heal your wounds. You let time heal your heart. You let time heal you.
You begin to see under the surface. You understand that you are more than your anxiety, depression, and the pain you have been carrying around. Underneath it all, you are a beautiful soul with a purpose; an indescribable force called ‘life’ and your heart loves without reason. You understand the people that hurt you are more than their actions. You see their pain, lack of awareness, and their inability to break free from generational bondages. It is natural to feel mixed emotions towards them. When anger arises, allow its fire to burn through their transgressions. When compassion fills your heart, let it teach you forgiveness.
Resisting the present leads to suffering. Learn to let go of the past. When you clean the debris in your mind, you begin to see with your heart. It’s a challenging process but if you practice over and over, eventually, it will become instinctual.